Job title: Package Responsible Mechanical Engineer - PRE
Job type: Permanent
Emp type: Full-time
Industry: Engineering
Location: Oslo
Job published: 2019-07-05
Job ID: 32254

Job Description

Looking for an exciting job opportunity as Mechanical Package Engineer? Sperton can help you!
Our Client is a global leader in smart technologies and lifecycle solutions for the marine and energy markets, ready to welcome new competent and talentful colleagues!
Main Tasks:
  • Reviews project contract/s, P&ID and technical requirements.
  • Defines critical equipment, handles delays and delivery
  • Critical for project execution
  • Responsible for working according WGS Business Process Model.
  • For the given mechanical package, PRE prepares: Technical Specification, Datasheet and Supplier Document List as a minimum documentation for RFQ.
  • Other documents/areas PRE is responsible for: Valve List (including defining valve requirements and choice of valves), Master Equipment List, weight estimates, equipment dimension estimates, other calculations if relevant, IOM.
  • Reviews Lessons Learned for the equipment PRE is responsible for.
  • Participates in pre-selection of potential suppliers (with project purchaser, EM/PM) based on Approved Vendor List, past company experience, lessons learned. Consults with Strategic Purchasers/Component Experts where necessary/relevant.
  • Prepares Request for Quotation in IFS (see “Work Instruction - IFS Asset (Plant) Design”, IFS doc no. 1283710).
  • During RFQ stage PRE is responsible for technical clarifications with potential suppliers (email, phone, meetings face to face) to make sure every technical aspect of the offer is in line with project requirements and WGS specifications.
  • Fills his technical part of Bid evaluation form (WGS template, IFS doc no. 1142959), created by project purchaser for received offers from potential suppliers for certain equipment. Process allows easy bids comparison and allows efficient selection of supplier.
  • Responsible for interdisciplinary clarifications within his/her mechanical package area. Gets assistance from other project team members (from other relevant disciplines) in order to finalize general clarification phase for mechanical package.
  • Prepares Purchase Requisition in IFS (see “Work Instruction - IFS Asset (Plant) Design”, IFS doc no. 1283710).
  • Facilitates kick-off meetings with chosen suppliers after issuing PO. Both parties shall understand total scope and every detail of the order. (Note: for the Valve package a specific Kick-off meeting template agenda, IFS doc no. 1603448).
  • Responsible for making supplier aware of class society/notifying body all requirements relevant for mechanical package. Making supplier aware of his full responsibility of fulfilling all Class/Bodies rules. PRE coordinates cooperation of supplier with Class/Body.
  • Responsible for reviewing/commenting/approving all received documentation from supplier.
  • GA drawings shall be checked/commented using WGS checklist template, IFS doc no. 1520159 “Check Lists Templates - Supplier GA drawings “.
  • Supplier ITP shall be checked/commented using WGS checklist template, IFS doc no. 1567673 “Check List Template - ITP for mechanical equipment”.
  • Coordinates interdisciplinary checks of supplier documentation within his/her mechanical package area. Appropriate and sufficient approval routine shall be assured by PRE (to include additional approval steps for project other relevant disciplines members) for each supplier documentation (see also point 10).
  • Responsible for change control between supplier and the project. Raised changes/issues to be communicated and coordinated efficiently between project and followed supplier. Always communicates officially using WGS tools to keep track records and history on all changes in the project.
  • Responsible for inspecting mechanical package at supplier premises based on established project Expediting Plan/ITP and level of follow up (periodical inspections, FAT, Final Inspection etc.).
  • Responsible for using Surveillance report template, IFS doc no. 1276658. Documents surveillance activities and keeps a good record whether punches were found or not during inspection activities at suppliers premises. Every report shall be connected to the relevant equipment TAG in IFS.
  • In case punch items have been logged, those shall be documented in either punch list template doc no. 1580712 or WGS Inspect software (final report to be generated and connected to the TAG, same as for punch list). NOTE: WGS Inspect software is currently on a test phase, in a short future the surveillance requirements will be adjusted in WGS.
  • Responsible for management and closing of punches with supplier.
  • PRE shall make sure supplier put necessary measures to sufficiently preserve and pack equipment acc. to Project Preservation and Packing Procedure.
  • Preservation and packing shall be suitable for equipment storage on site for period described in project requirements. Packing and preservation conditions should be monitored after delivery of the equipment to site/yard until equipment starts to be erected by customer.
  • PRE gives input to project commissioning procedure and GT procedure relevant to his mechanical package.
  • 4+ years of experience
  • Fluent English and Norwegian, any scandinavian language
  • Knowledge of ERP systems
  • Bachelor or Msc in Mechanical Engineering
  • Self-driven, task-goal oriented, structured, cooperative proactive, positive.
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